Richard Cheung

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    AATA conference spotlights co-mingling efforts, illegal gambling challenges

    The Asian-African Tote Association (AATA), which was established last year to foster relationships between global wagering operators, wrapped up its annual conference in Sydney Sept. 4th- 5th, with leading industry figures providing insight on topics including the potential of co-mingling and the challenges posed by illegal gambling. As wagering operators face mounting competition from other forms of gambling, they are also contending with an illegal market, offering cheaper products and worth potentially as much as $500 billion.

    Horse racing burdened by outdated funding model, poor marketing

    Horse racing needs to change its funding model and broaden its appeal if the industry is to thrive and meet the challenge posed by the booming sports betting market, critics say. The industry is hampered by poor marketing and over reliance on bookmakers and is failing to appeal to the younger demographic or generate a fan following.