KN Suresh

    KN Suresh is the secretary of the Bangalore-based Indian Poker Association (IPA) .

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    Poker clubs submit fresh petition to court

    The seven poker clubs who had filed separate petitions in the Gujarat High Court urging to recognize poker as a game of skill, has withdrawn their respective Special Criminal Applications from the court, Glaws reports. The original petition, initiated by Indian Poker Association (IPA)’s KN Suresh was withdrawn as it was contended that there is […]

    Police raid another poker room in Ahmedabad

    The Gujarat police have conducted yet another raid on a poker room, the third in the past two weeks, local media reports. While details of the number of people arrested and amount of currency and valuables seized is not immediately clear, the recent raid on The Headquarters Poker Room in Ahmedabad is seen at yet […]

    Police throw cold water on IPA expansion plans

    The Indian Poker Association has suspended poker operations at the YMCA Club in Ahmedabad and has put its plans to open more poker clubs in the city on hold following a number of police raids, Glaws reports. In mid-April, the IPA announced it was set to launch four new poker rooms in the country by […]

    Gujarat HC asks state government for decision on poker

    The Gujarat High Court has asked the state government to inform whether poker falls into the category of gambling, following a petition filed by the Indian Poker Association, local media reports. Last week, IPA secretary KN Suresh filed a petition to declare poker a ‘game of skill’ after the city’s police stopped the game from […]