Frank Yu



    Mr Yu is a seasoned expert and professional in Online Games, Mobile and New Media industries in Asia with over 20 years of experience in the region with 16 of them in China. He has worked and founded several startups in China and advises companies on social media, investments and product development. He launched the first iPad game 1on1 Hockey from China which made it to the top ten downloads in the US App store.In 2003, he was part of the Xbox Launch team for Asia Frank Yu co-founded the startups Kwestr and Dragon Moss. His second startup, Shouji Mobile acquired acquired by Tencent. Kwestr has been invested in by several angels including a founder of Tudou and the VC SOS ventures in Dublin. Prior to technology, Mr Yu has worked for Coutts Natwest in Emergiing Markets as a Latin AmericanFixed Income Trader and Asia Technology Equity Analyst. He has also worked as an Asia Asset Equity Analyst at Columbus Circle PIMCO when his fund became the #1 International Equity Fund in 1999. Mr Yu holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University and A Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology with Highest Honors from Rutgers University.

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