Bertha Leon Guerrero

    Bertha Leon Guerrero is the vice president for human resources at Imperial Pacific.

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    Regulator asks IPI to double check local employee numbers

    The Commonwealth Casino Commission has asked Imperial Pacific if it still meets the required number of local hires amid recent resignations or terminations of local employees. Earlier this week, the Saipan casino operator said it will continue to abide by the conditions of its license agreement in regards to imported labor. In a statement to […]

    IPI still short of U.S. workers

    Imperial Pacific International needs to boost the percentage of U.S. workers in its labor pool to 65 percent from 44 percent at present to meet the conditions of its casino license, local media reports.

    IPI workers leave CNMI over uncertain future

    Uncertain of their future and immigration status, a number of foreign workers at Imperial Pacific International have chosen to leave the CNMI, according to a senior company official, reported by Saipan Tribune. Speaking at a Commonwealth Casino Commission meeting last week, IPI human relations vice president Bertha Leon Guerrero said it was hard for CW1 […]