Wynn Palace to feature famed Tulips Sculpture

Wynn Resorts (Macau) has entered into a purchase agreement with Wynn Design and Development to purchase the world famous Tulips Sculpture and the Amphora III.

The Tulips Sculpture and the Amphora III, which have been displayed at the Wynn Las Vegas resort to this date, were acquired by the Macau subsidiary for $33 million and $104,000 respectively, and both will be displayed at the new Wynn Palace resort.

“The Tulips Sculpture is one of five unique versions of “Tulips”, a sculptural masterpiece, created by renowned artist Jeff Koons. This profound piece is the sculptural culmination of Jeff Koons’ “Celebration” series and is one of the largest and most complex sculptures in the series,” said the company in a filing. “The Amphora, titled “Amphora III”, is a colorful, impressive clay vessel crafted by late ceramist Viola Frey,” it added.

The operator said the Tulips Sculpture will be one of the “major attractions” at Wynn Palace.

Earlier this week, Wynn Resorts announced the opening date for Wynn Palace will be August 22, 2016. The new resort will contain a 1,700-room hotel, a performance lake, meeting space, a casino, a spa, retail offerings and food and beverage outlets. The total project budget of Wynn Palace is approximately US$4.2 billion.