World Cup provides boost to Taiwan Sports Lottery

Taiwan Sports Lottery sales have topped NT$10 billion ($335 million) since January, up 38 percent over the average revenue for the past five years, boosted by the FIFA World Cup.
Local media cited Taiwan Sports Lottery Co president Ted Lin as saying sales revenue last month topped NT$2.57 billion, with NT$1.06 billion made within 18 days after the World Cup began, far exceeding its targets.
On average, the sales revenue in each World Cup game was between NT$50 million and NT$60 million. From quarter-finals onward, revenue could further increase to between NT$80 million and NT$100 million, Lin said.
The bonanza may boost the amount of sales revenue this year to about NT$20 billion. About 10 percent of the revenue from sports lottery sales is used to develop sports in Taiwan, including facilities and training.
The company further attributed the increase in sales revenue to the diversity of betting options, from NBA basketball games and Major League baseball games in North America to ATP tennis games in Taiwan.
Sports betting across Asia, both legal and otherwise, has seen a huge boost from the World Cup, with lotteries in China also reporting a similar bonanza.
In China, technology companies Alibaba and Tencent have teamed with state-owned lotteries to provide World Cup gambling through online apps. They expect about 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) to be bet legally through these channels.
Meanwhile, authorities around the region continue their efforts to clamp down on illegal activities with ongoing arrests of black market operations.