World Cup bonanza for China Sports Lottery

    The FIFA World Cup in Brazil has helped to push sales of China’s Sports Lottery up by 83 percent in June, compared with the previous year, while the Welfare Lottery saw sales rise 18.1 percent, according to Ministry of Finance figures.
    In total, June sales were 36.05 billion yuan ($5.8 billion), up 46 percent. Welfare Lottery sales were 16.81 billion yuan and Sports Lottery sales 19.24 billion yuan. The state lotteries are the only form of legal gambling in China.
    In the first half of the year to date, total lottery sales are up 19.2 percent to 178.41 billion yuan, with welfare lottery sales gaining 15.5 percent to 98.501 billion yuan and sports lottery sales up 24 percent to 79.909 billion yuan.
    In terms of lottery products, lotto and instant lottery made up the lion’s share of the market. Lotto sales rose 15 percent in the first half to 117.3 billion yuan, while instant lottery sales edged ahead 1.5 percent to 18.3 billion, showing the weakest growth.
    Video lottery sales, though still a relatively small segment of the market, jumped 28.5 percent to 17.6 billion yuan.
    All provinces recorded an increase in sales with Shanghai, Hunan, Guangdong and Gansu recording among the strongest growth.