Women protest gambling and rummy in clubs in Hyderabad

Women’s groups have reportedly joined forces in protest against gambling and rummy in clubs, saying it is responsible for domestic violence, marital discord and child labor, local media reports.

According to The Hindu, TDP women’s wing leader T. Aruna pleaded with Prakasam Superintendent of Police C.M. Trivikram Varma to put an end to the gambling that has been allowed by some clubs.

“Many men are getting addicted to gambling and losing their hard-earned money, leaving their families in the lurch. As a result, the onus of running the family falls on hapless women,” said K.Aruna, leader of the National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW).

“Gambling is adding to the woes of women, who are already troubled because of their men getting addicted to liquor thanks to the revenue-driven excise policy,” said All India Democratic Women’s Association leader K. Rama Devi.

However, C.V.N. Reading Room secretary Ashok maintained that “rummy is a game of skill and even the courts have held that playing skill games for stakes does not amount to gambling.”