West Australian government urged to sell WA TAB

The WA Chamber of Commerce has urged the Western Australian government to sell the Australia’s last state-owned betting agency, WA TAB, stating the move could reduce its large debt pile, and is unfit to handle the evolved, highly competitive online industry, local media reports.

“The government should sell any asset where the private sector can provide the service more efficiently and in a competitive market, which is clearly the case with the TAB”. WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Deidre Willmott said.

Others have called for the government to hold off on the sale. In Jun. 2015, Labour MP Paul Papalia said the WA government should think twice about privatizing the TAB given its performance under the state government’s watch.

Potential bidders for WA TAB’s $1 billion deal include Australian gaming giants Tatts Group and Tabcorp, who currently owns the other former government TABs throughout Australia.