Vietlott accused of unscrupulous means of boosting sales

Vietlott, a computerized game operator has been accused of breaking rules to the disadvantage of traditional lottery operators, local media reports.

According to a complaint filed by the traditional lottery companies, Vietlott has been accused of illegally printing out numbers in advance and selling them at unregistered locations as a tactic to boost sales.

Standard practice is for customers to visit a lottery retailer in person, to pick their numbers and collect their tickets there.

However, according to a complaint from a total of 21 lottery companies in Vietnam, Vietlott has been printing out “pre-printed” tickets and sold by vendors to compete with traditional tickets.

The lottery retailer is also accused of overcharging, with the preprinted numbers selling for VND12,000 (US$0.54), higher than the official price of VND10,000.

According to the VN Express, the finance ministry has sent a statement asking Vietlott to review its operations.

Tong Quoc Truong, general director of Vietlott, replied saying his company is “working on it.”