Universal Entertainment denied appeal on Reuters case

The Japanese Supreme Court has denied an appeal filed by Universal Entertainment Corp. in relation to its defamation case against news outlet Reuters.

The Supreme Court last week ruled that Universal did not have the grounds for appeal.

Universal Entertainment sued Reuters in 2012, after the news outlet published stories about illegal payments made between the gaming machine manufacturer and a Philippine gaming consultant – Rodolfo Soriano in 2010.

Universal Entertainment demanded an apology and $1.8 million in damages.

However, in 2015, the Tokyo District Court ruled that the Reuter’s articles were accurate. In 2016, the Tokyo High Court, following a request for appeal, also upheld the ruling.

The matter was then taken to the Japanese Supreme Court.

“We are pleased with this resolution, which upholds the right of the press to report on news in the public interest,” said a spokesman for Reuters.