Tinian Dynasty to temporarily shut down due to “slow business”

Hong Kong Entertainment owned Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino is to temporarily suspend hotel operations due to lack of customers, according to Tinian Mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas as quoted by Marianas Variety.

“The reason is lack of customers as there have been cancellations of flights,” said San Nicolas. The casino hotel is planning to shut down hotel operations from Mar. 5 to Apr. 15, 2016.

Hofschneider, in a separate interview said “The biggest concern we have is are they going to reopen and if yes, when? What are they going to do about their staff? The biggest concern is the casino force. What’s the plan? It’s unfortunate that this has to happen now, but we will be discussing this issue further.”

Acting general manager of Tinian Dynasty, Christopher Bishop said in a phone interview with Marianas Variety that they will resume on Apr. 15. He cited the reason for the temporary suspension was due to “slow business” and decreased arrivals.

However Bishop added that they can only resume the operation of the hotel, and not the casino as they are still waiting for their licence from the Tinian gaming commission.

Around 300 employees will be affected by the shutdown, he said.