Tinian casino gaming commission can’t collect special fees

Attorney General Edward Manibusan has said under the Tinian Casino Gaming Act, the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission cannot collect any special fees described in NMIAC Section 170-30.2-825 or the “Special Fee Assessments for General Operations of the Commission,” local media reports.

Manibusan had provided the comment in response to Senate President Francisco M. Borja’s request for a legal opinion regarding the legal sufficiency of NMIAC Section 170-30.2-825, which would allow the commission to impose a special assessment of licensees and applicants in an event of a budget shortfall.

However, Manibusan say the commission is required to determine whether its funds are sufficient to sustain its operations for the next quarter prior to every calendar quarter, and also to inform the licensees and applicants of its intent to levy the special fee assessment.