Thailand arrests 58, shuts down 391 soccer betting sites

    Thai police have arrested 58 people and shut down at least 391 foreign and local online soccer betting sites in a World Cup-linked crackdown, local media said.
    Seven are alleged bookmakers, 49 punters and another two are bet couriers.
    Police are monitoring and blocking all attempts to reopen the websites under new URLs.
    Thais are likely to spend almost 70 billion baht ($2.1 billion) during the World Cup with the majority likely to go towards illegal gambling activities, according to a survey from the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce.
    The survey of 1,229 people nationwide found that about 43.53 billion baht will go to illegal activities, an increase of 17 percent from the previous tournament. The number of gambling soccer fans was also expected to increase, with the average bet per match seen at Bt5,072. Those gambling for money only will increase to 51.3 percent of the total gambling, up from 33 percent last time.