Terror attack on Marina Bay Sands foiled

Six suspects who were allegedly planning a rocket attack on the Marina Bay Sands resort were arrested in a raid on Friday morning, reports CNN.

According to Indonesian National Police spokesperson Boy Rafli, the local terror group called Katibah Gigih Rahmat were ordered to attack Singapore by Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian now believed to be in Syria. It is believed that Naim has been sending money from Syria to Katibah Gigih Rahmat to finance radicalism and terror activities in Indonesia.

Amar said the police were first tipped off from their conversation on social media, which was used to track their location.

Indonesia’s special anti-terror task force carried out the raid on Friday in Batam, an Indonesian island near Singapore.

The attempted terror attack has prompted the city-state to tighten security.

According to the South China Morning Post, analysts said it was unclear whether the militants had the ability to carry out such a plan, which would involve firing a rocket over a distance of about 20km.