Ten more arrested in Crown Resorts crackdown

It is believed that 10 Chinese organizers of junkets licensed by Crown Resorts to bring high rollers to its Australian properties are in custody, according to The Australian.

A day after the arrest of 18 Crown Resorts staff in China, police reportedly moved on 87 Crown customers, inviting them to present themselves for questioning.

Ten of them, organizers of junkets were detained and remained in custody, learned the Australian news outlet.

It also has emerged that a Crown executive was warned by a customer two weeks before the crackdown took place.

The Crown team had been tracked by authorities for about a year, said an insider, with the amount of money leaving China for gaming tables in Australia the core factor driving arrests.

The insider also revealed that Chinese authorities are aware of other casino resort promotion teams, including 12 people working for Star Entertainment Group, but it is believed they have stopped operations.