TCSJOHNHUXLEY showcases “smoker” friendly gaming terminal

TCSJOHNHUXLEY is showcasing its new GFL Gaming Terminals at the G2E Asia show, which will allow customers to play live casino tables through a fixed or portable terminal from any licensed area in the casino.

The product is an addition to the Gaming Floor Live platform.

The company says the product is “perfect” for use in licensed areas off the gaming floor, such as bars, restaurants and smoking zones.

The terminals also help to increase the number of player positions per table without adding additional seating and equipment requirements.

The company is also showing off its new lounge-style concept for GFL Gaming, featuring a bar table with an oversized Sic bo dice shaker.

 “Traditionally, Sic bo tables take up a large amount of floor space, as does the auditorium style of Electronic Terminal Games,” said Rebecca Kingswell, managing director APAC. “This new concept allows casinos to place fixed terminals in small, previously unused, licensed spaces, which transforms every available square foot into revenue generating space.”