Student union seeks ban on casinos in Goa

The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) has passed a resolution demanding a ban on onshore and offshore casinos in Goa, local media reports.

The NSUI also passed a resolution to fight against the alleged attempts of the BJP and RSS party to “destroy the social fabric of the country.”

“The meeting passed educational, economic and political resolutions that include the fight against BJP and RSS’ deliberate attempts of trying to destroy the social fabric of India,” NSUI president Amrita Dhawan told reporters.

“One of the major poll promises of BJP during the 2012 elections was abolition of casinos in Goa. That has not happened. On the contrary, we can see BJP adding to the list of casinos,” she alleged.

Dhawan said the NSUI has demanded the banning of casinos in order to keep gambling addiction under control.