South Koreans arrested in Vietnam for illegal betting website

A group of seven South Koreans operating an illegal sports betting website in Vietnam has been arrested, according to South Korean Police and local media.

After receiving a tip that Koreans were running an illegal online gambling site with total bets of around KRW 10 billion (US$8.23 million), South Korean police requested assistance from Vietnamese police.

The gambling ring, which includes a 39-year-old surnamed Joo, will be extradited to Seoul, according to the National Police Agency (NPA).

The extradition will be the first since the two countries agreed to strengthen cooperation in investigations last month.

“When a South Korean fugitive was arrested in Vietnam, it usually took more than a month, but this case was exceptional in that the extradition came only two days after the arrest, with a simplified procedure,” an official from the NPA said.