SJM announces 2017 employee bonuses

SJM Holdings has announced it will give its employees a “living allowance” this year, which includes a “new year bonus” and a “summer allowance”, local media reports.

A copy of the company’s internal notice, which was picked up by local media over the weekend, stated that employees earning MOP 20,000 (US$2,504) per month or less will receive a “living allowance” equal to two months of their current salary, while employees earning MOP 20,000 or above will receive a “living allowance” of one and a half months of their current salary, or MOP 40,000, whichever is higher.

Additionally, employees working for SJM Holdings for less than a year would be paid a pro-rata bonus, said the notice.

The first of the two installments of the bonus will be paid on January 1, while the second installment will take July 1, 2017.