Singapore put leaders of match-fixing ring into indefinite detention

    Singapore last year put the leaders of a match-fixing ring into indefinite detention amid concern they were laying the groundwork to rig the World Cup, AFP reported, citing a book that was published on Monday.
    Zaihan Mohamed Yusof, a Singaporean investigative journalist, wrote that the syndicate had been setting up a base of corrupt football players and officials through matches played overseas in national leagues and international friendlies. The book, entitled “Foul! The Inside Story of Singapore Match Fixers,” cited government officials and investigators.
    “When the 2014 World Cup comes, all they will be doing is collecting (their betting earnings),” an official said.
    Singapore’s police and anti-corruption agency in September last year rounded up 14 alleged members of a global match-fixing syndicate. Authorities subsequently used a special law that allows indefinite detention to hold four key ring leaders of the group.