Silk Flower and Diamond Z

DLV has prepared something that is sure to bring spring to the show in European winter – its new four-level Silk Flowers jackpot will dazzle with its aesthetics and saturation of colors.

This 25-games set features 20 of the best themes from the previous multigames and 5 new ones, including the popular fruit games.

Silk Flowers’s interface is patterned after the sliding interface of Diamond Games Ultra 4, a highly successful company innovation.

As with all DLV’s developments, Silk Flowers has its unique features; one of which is that higher bets increase the probability of winning a jackpot, and the information on winning probability is displayed to the player.

Apart from the new software product, DLV will show its latest hardware release – Diamond Z machine with 24” screens – which are comfortable to play, solid and light. The machine is suited for any operation.

The Diamond Games Ultra 4 which was presented for the first time during the show in Las Vegas will be on display, as well as other DLV’s hardware and software products. Visit DLV at stand N4-350.