Senior police officer arrested in gambling crackdown

A senior police officer in Vietnam was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of involvement in an international gambling ring, local media reports.

The arrest is part of a widespread corruption crackdown in the country, which has now extended past the energy and banking sectors.

Major General Nguyen Thanh Hoa (60), former head of the Ministry of Public Security’s high-technology department (C50) was arrested on Sunday evening for organizing gambling, according to a ministry statement.

“This is a particularly large scale case, using high technology, especially serious, complex and sensitive, involving many people, many sectors and provinces, involving officials within the police,” the Secretariat stated.

Hoa had already been suspended from his position in 2017 due to suspicions he was involved in the gambling ring.

It is estimated the gambling ring has around 8 million players, with an average of 3 accounts per player.