Prefectural IR committee tours Tokoname site

The Aichi prefectural committee in charge of studying the possibility for an IR license at Chubu Airport Island was given a tour of the potential site on Tuesday.

Later the same day, the five committee members exchanged opinions with members of the local business community.

This experts’ committee has been working since last August, and in March the report they are scheduled to deliver to Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura is expected to shape his decision whether or not to throw his political weight behind the IR initiative.

The signs, though subtle, appear to indicate that Tokoname will indeed be joining the IR hunt, though this remains to be confirmed.

Chubu Airport Island is already a major construction zone as an international exhibition hall is being built, scheduled to open in 2019. The existing concept is that the island will be developed into a major tourist zone, but the question of adding a casino to the plan remains controversial.