Polls finds gambling unpopular with Russians

    Russians mostly support legislation that strictly limited gambling to authorized zones and about 94 percent say they don’t gamble at all, The Moscow Times cited a poll by Russian Public Opinion Research Center, or VTSIoM, as saying.
    That’s about the same level as in a previous 2009 poll. Only 4 percent admitted to betting on the outcome of their card games, with less than 1 percent saying they gambled in casinos.
    In January, Russian police shut more than 61,000 underground gambling establishments, facilities that have surfaced since the adoption of a law banning them in populated areas in 2009. More than 70 percent of the poll’s respondents said they thought the ban on casinos had had positive effects.
    Russian lawmakers recently passed a bill expanding the number of gambling zones in the country to include Sochi and the newly annexed Crimea.