Police crack down on $72 billion gambling ring, online casino

    Authorities in central China have rounded up 94 members of a $72 billion gambling ring, which was known for bringing Chinese gamblers across to parts of Southeast Asia, Xinhua reports.

    According to the news outlet, it is alleged that the gambling ring helped bring more than 400 gamblers from China across to Laos and Myanmar to gamble more than CNY 500 billion ($72.3 billion) in wagers.

    The latest crackdown follows the month after 17 employees of Australian casino operator Crown Casino were arrested for allegedly luring Chinese citizens to gamble overseas.

    In related news, one of China’s biggest illegal online casinos, set up by a man named Zhou in 2012, was recently revealed to see more than US$60 billion in turnover before authorities put an end to operations.

    According to Xinhua, the online gambling site attracted more than two million players, bringing more than CNY 400 billion in game coins throughout the year.

    Operators made profits over over CNY 580 million, a court has heard.

    Zhou, 47, went on trial on Thursday in Songyang, charged with setting up the online casino.