Paradise hires Jose Mourinho in new ad campaign

    Paradise Co said Chelsea soccer team manager Jose Mourinho will feature in the company’s new ad campaign, replacing current brand ambassador Robert De Niro.
    Paradise, which is teaming with Japan’s Sega Sammy Holdings Inc to build a $1.7 billion casino resort in the coastal city of Incheon, is hoping to capitalize on the growing popularity of soccer in China to lure Chinese visitors.
    “The growing interest in football in China, and the fact that a significant number of casino customers are Chinese, was the main reason behind naming Mourinho as the model,” Paradise said in a statement, without giving financial details.
    Paradise expects the Incheon resort to attract 160,000 visitors a day, of which two-thirds are likely to be Chinese, when it opens in 2017.
    The number of Chinese tourists to South Korea surged 52.5 percent to 4.3 million last year.