Northern Marianas retirees to get pension payout this week

    The payment of a $30 million deposit by Best Sunshine International to operate a multi-billion dollar casino on Saipan island will trigger a pension payout to retirees in the Northern Marianas this week, local media reported.
    Governor Eloy Inos said pensioners can expect a nine-month payment covering the period from last October until the end of June on Wednesday.
    Future disbursements of the restored pension will be made on a quarterly basis. The casino deal means residents can also expect $10 million in utility vouchers by the middle of October, the reports said.
    Best Sunshine beat out rival bidder Marianas Stars Entertainment for the right to build and operate Saipan’s first casino. The Northern Marianas passed legislation legalizing casinos late last year in a bid to boost tourism and generate revenue to fill a pension funding shortfall.