New Zealand clubs to gain commission on pokies

    New Zealand’s pokie clubs will be able to claim commission on money spent in their venues under the country’s Gambling Amendment Bill, which overturns a ban in place since 2003.
    The bill also increases the amount of money to be distributed back to the local community and gives local councils more flexibility in where they want the money to go. The payouts will rise from 37 percent of proceeds to 40 percent in the year after the bill goes into force in September, increasing to 41 percent in the second year and 42 percent by the third.
    The bill doesn’t specify a commission structure. A consultation document last September proposed paying venues on a sliding scale ranging from 40 per cent of the first $1750 of pokie proceeds a week down to 8 per cent on proceeds above $15,550 a week and zero above $30,000 a week.
    Anti-gambling protesters have criticized the amendment saying it encourages the pubs and clubs to promote gambling.