Nepali casinos begin reopening

Casinos in Nepal are planning to reopen almost a year after they closed after failing to meet regulations laid out by the government in 2013 that pushed up costs and made renewing licenses more difficult.
Ten casinos in Kathmandu closed after failing to meet the new guidelines, according to local media My Republica.
The newspaper said Casino Royale resumed its operations on February 1 after the Supreme Court allowed the casino to run in accordance with the old regulations, and Casino Mahjong has been granted permission by the Tourism Department to reopen.
“We are running a trial version at present and we will resume operations from next week,” said Binod Shrestha, the casino’s managing director.
Valley Link, operator of the shuttered Casino Rad, Casino Tara and Casino Venus, is expected to resume operations within the next six weeks said Valley Link’s, managing director Kishore Silwal.