MGM workers urges DICJ to look into nausea-inducing gaming tables

A group of workers from MGM China has urged an investigation into MGM’s new high-tech gaming tables that have allegedly been causing discomfort amongst workers, local media reports.

The petition called the gaming regulator to look into potential health risks created by the operation of Casino Chip Attribution System (CCAS) technology used at MGM gaming tables.

Protesters claimed that workers controlling CCAS have been exposed to “unknown electrical technology use,” with workers allegedly feeling respiratory distress.

Cloee Chao, president of the New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association who organized a protest last Monday over pay inequality, bonuses and working conditions said that employees had already tried raising their concerns over CCAS to their employer without luck.

“They have already exhausted many ways to raise the issue with their company, but this new casino still adopts those problematic tables despite previous calls. They also thought they would receive all overdue bonuses as encouragement when the new casino opened, but they still haven’t heard from their employer so far. They think further action is needed, other than a sit-in, some will kick off some industrial action to protest further”, said Chao on Monday.