Macau tourism spending slumps in 15Q1

    Macau tourism spending, excluding gaming, dropped 16.2 percent in the first quarter as overnight visitors spent less on shopping.

    Total spending was MOP 13.36 billion ($1.7 billion). Spending by overnight visitors dropped 21.1 percent to to MOP 10.4 billion, while day trippers increased their spending by 6.7 percent to MOP 2.96 billion. 

    In terms of overall consumption, visitors spent the most on shopping, which represented 48.3 percent of the total spend. However, the figure was down 17.5 percent on a per capita basis to MOP 871. The preferred shopping items were food products at 28 percent, clothing at 18 percent and cosmetics and perfume at 16.3 percent.

    By nationality, spending declined among tourists from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong. However, U.K. travellers stood out with a 32.3 percent increase in spending to MOP 1,628 a head. 

    Spending by mainland Chinese visitors was off by 15 percent.