Macau too reliant on Chinese and HK tourists

    The MasterCard Asia Pacific Destinations Index which tracks tourism across Asia, did not include Macau in its top 20, according to its release earlier in the year.

    The index, which measures tourism performance based on total number of international overnight arrivals; cross-border spending; and the total number of nights spent at each destination, saw Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo as the top performers in 2015.

    However, as the index did not recognize arrivals from neighbouring Hong Kong and Mainland China as “international tourists” to Macau, the gambling hub was nowhere to be seen in the top 20.

    The results further proved the reliance of the region on Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong visitors.

    According to data from the MGTO Visitor Expenditure Survey, Mainland China and Hong Kong makes up almost 90 percent of total tourism expenditure in Macau.