Macau scraps controversial pension bill after record protests

    Macau has scrapped a controversial pension bill that would have given retiring officials hefty benefits after record street protests against the legislation.
    The scrapped bill would have awarded generous compensation packages to outgoing officials and granted Macau’s top leader immunity from criminal charges. Provisions included a monthly payout to the outgoing chief executive totalling 70 percent of his salary and a one-off grant to retiring officials.
    “I will not, myself, accept a single cent. I will donate everything,” Chief Executive Fernando Chui told reporters in Macau. “People don’t have to worry. Even though I’m fat, I will not make myself fat.”
    The protests surrounding the bill were the biggest since China regained control of Macau in 1999. They also follow smaller unrest over the hiring of foreign workers and high living costs.
    The Macau government gets about 80 percent of its revenue from the casino industry, which generated a record $45.2 billion in 2013.