Macau labor groups back casino workers ban

A survey from the Forefront of Macao Gaming (FMG) has revealed that 76 percent of casino workers agree their sector should be banned from gambling in local casinos.

In May, Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) announced it was considering whether to ban dealers from gambling in local casinos, according to radio broadcaster TDM.

DICJ director Paulo Martins Chan said he would soon begin discussions with representatives of the gaming sector before the end of the year, however noted the gambling ban on croupiers needed consensus in “civil society”.

On Thursday, Leong Man Teng, head of FMG said out of the 3,044 casino employees who took part in the survey, 76 percent said the ban would be a good idea for the industry. In addition, the group also asked 956 local residents, with 70 percent indicating their support for the ban.

Leong, along with 11 representatives from casino labor groups held a meeting at DICJ headquarters with Chan to discuss the matter, adding the groups’ representatives also backed the proposed ban.

Currently, it is normal practise for casinos to ban their dealers from gambling at their own casinos. The proposed ban will see local dealers being barred from gambling in any and all casinos in Macau.