Macau govt submits bill for casino worker entry ban

The Macau government on Friday submitted a bill that will restrict casino workers from entering gaming venues when off-duty, according to a report from Macau TDM.

Those included in the entry ban are gaming table and machine operators, promoters, workers in cashier cages, security and cleaning staff, restaurant staff, and staff members that work in surveillance rooms.

An Executive Council spokesperson stressed that those in violation of the regulation will only face a fine, ranging MOP1,000 and MOP 10,000.

However, there are also exemptions to the entry ban, such as on the first three days of Chinese New Year, or on occasions where there is a legitimate reason, such as training and education.

After the bill is approved by the Legislative Assembly, the DICJ will publish the list of job titles affected by the ban.

The bill amendment also discussed a ban on using mobile phones on gaming tables, as well as a ban on the use of recording devices in a casino. At the moment, these rules are only part of a guideline.