Macau gaming staff protest campaign moves on to SJM

    After expressing discontent in the steps of Sands China and Galaxy Entertainment properties, activist group Forefront of Macau Gaming moved its campaign on to Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, the largest local operator by market share. Forefront said that around 1,500 people joined the protested, staged at SJM flagship Lisboa Casino HR complex, and signed a petition directed at the company, demanding a 10 percent salary increase to frontline staff, a bonus equivalent to one month’s salary, and a mechanism to increase salaries according to the employees’ number of years in the company,” local press reported. The group also wants SJM to revise the correlation between sick leaves and promotions. 

    Forefront’s president, Ieong Man Teng, told local media salaries of some SJM employees have fallen behind the market price while disputing analysts’ claims that gaming corporations operators’ profits may drop as a result of further salary increases. “We just demand a slight increase of salary. By saying this could make the stock price decrease is a pure hype. It could affect very little of the operation of the corporation. I believe it’s only some investment specialists doing hypes to make the market pessimistic about the price (of the companies ‘ stocks), and by saying this, employees seem to be to blame for a loss in the companies’ results,” Ieong said. The group gave SJM three days to meet its demands or it will take further action.