Macau gaming operators urged to reduce shuttle bus services

The Traffic Affairs Consultative Committee has asked the government to further urge operators to reduce the number of free shuttle bus services in order to free up the roads and develop public transportation, local media reports.

The issue was discussed during a closed-door meeting with the Transport Bureau, with committee member Kou Kun Pang in attendance. “Each operator will have its own proportion and schedule for cutting routes. We see this as a good start at this early stage of our discussion with gaming operators, but we should keep on evaluating the issue. It’s also important for the government to keep an eye on the cut,’’ he told reporters following the meeting. Kou said one of the operators has already agreed to cut nearly 20 per cent of its shuttle bus routes in order to ease the traffic and free up road resources.

According to Kou, the government has been making casinos reduce the number of shuttle bus services for their patrons from 80 to around 60, and planned to reduce the number further, to around 50.

Kou also revealed that 250 taxi licences will go to public tender in March. There are around 1,300 taxis operating currently with 60 having a permanent licence.