Macau casino workers support smoking rooms

    The majority of Macau’s casino workers, about a third of whom smoke, said they approve of smoking rooms with no gambling tables or slots. According to a Macau University survey, commissioned by the Health Bureau, 90.4 percent said they were in favour. However, just over half, or 55 percent, said they were unwilling to work in VIP gaming rooms. The Macau government has banned smoking on casino floors from October 6th this year, although the ban does not extend to the casinos’ VIP rooms. At present smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas covering no more than half a casino’s gaming floor. The imposition of a smoking ban in jurisdictions such as Australia and the U.S. led to a drop off in gross gambling revenue. However, analysts have said they expect the impact in Macau to be relatively benign, partly because of the “hard-core” nature of the Chinese gambler and the fact the ban doesn’t extend to VIP rooms.