LRWC gets back 20 eBingo sites

Philippines gaming regulator Pagcor has reversed its revocation of 20 eBingo sites run by Leisure and Resorts World, according to the company’s filing to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Monday.

Earlier this month, the regulator ordered the closure of 53 Bingo Bonanza and electronic games sites as they were in violation of distance restriction guidelines set by the government, which states that gaming outlets must be at least 200 meters from schools and churches.

Some 36 e-bingo sites of AB Leisure Exponent Inc. (ABLE) and 17 sites of Total Gamezone Extreme Inc (TGXI) were ordered by Pagcor to immediately cease operations.

In a response, the LRWC said it would send a letter of reconsideration to Pagcor.

In its recent filing, ABLE said it received an email from Pagcor on Saturday, informing them of the approval to resume operations of 20 eBingo sites – as they were located in malls, arcades or hotels and were considered exempted from distance requirements.

“The approval was based on the recommendation of PAGCOR’s Gaming Licensing and Development Department (GLDD) and the legal opinion of its Corporate and Legal Services Department (CLSD) to honor the licenses of operators whose gaming sites are located inside malls, arcades and hotels and consider them exempted from distance requirements,” said the company in the filing.