Lawmakers demand answers in Wang Bo case

    Filipino lawmakers are looking for answers from the Anti-Money Laundering Council and central bank as to how P91 billion from an illegal gambling syndicate in China managed to get into the country undetected.

    The request unfolded as Immigration Commissioner Siegfred Mison vowed to reveal all to the House of Representatives on the probe into allegations that suspected Chinese crime lord Wang Bo paid Immigration officials millions of pesos in exchange for his release, and reports that the money went to bribe lawmakers into voting for the Bangsamoro Basic Law, the Manila Standard reported.

    Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, who represents Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. in the committee on good government and public accountability that is investigating the case, said he would ask the AMLC and the BSP to verify the report from the Chinese Embassy that hot money from Wang’s alleged illegal gambling operations in China found its way into the Philippines, according to the Manila Standard.

    The embassy, in a report submitted to the Justice Department and the Bureau of Immigration, described Wang’s operation as “huge” and became a transnational crime when he expanded the illegal activities in the Philippines.

    Mison accused his deputies of arranging Wang’s release, after the Chinese Embassy informed him that they and other officials had met with a representative of Wang.