Labor group plans protests against Sands China in Macau

    A labor group called Forefront of Macau Gaming (FMG) has said that it will go ahead with a protest to be held outside the Venetian Macao on Wednesday if its “reasonable” demands for a 10 percent salary increase for casino staff working on table games at the company’s properties are not met. The group is also complaining about the lack of transparency in the promotion of dealers to supervisors, calling it a lottery, with many not being promoted despite years of being in the position.
    FMG does not have active members, but acts as an umbrella group to lobby on behalf of other groups. It succeeded in rallying around 3,000 protesters last October and another 1,200 or so in March this year to oppose non-resident casino dealers and exhort the government to stick to the table game cap.
    Sands China, while not commenting on the protest, said it has recently conducted focus groups with its staff around pay and conditions. Sands claims it has implemented a company-wide salary increase, a special annual bonus of one month’s pay for all manager grade employees and below, and other benefits. It also said that, effective August 1, all qualified dealers will be promoted to pit supervisors and all level one pit managers will be promoted to pit managers.