Koreans busted for illegal online gambling operations

Four South Korean men have been arrested in Thailand for allegedly operating an online gaming operation from a rented house in Pattaya, local media reports.

Among those arrested are Jeong Kyu-jin, 35, Han Kyo-reh, 26, Choi Sung-min, 35, and Bae Jeong-hwan, 26, who have been charged with operating illegal online gambling.

Over the weekend, the four suspects confessed to having been hired by an operator to run the illegal operation in Pattaya. They were being paid monthly salaries of THB 60,000 to run the site, it is understood.

Most of the punters were South Korean nationals, they claimed.

They face a jail term from three months up to three years, and a fine between TBH500 to 5,000, under the Gambling Act of 1935.

(Photo from Bangkok Post)