Kangwon voluntary bans rise in 2016

The number of Koreans taking up voluntary exclusions to Kangwon Land Casino is on the rise, local media reports.

Nearly 4,500 people banned themselves from the casino last year, compared to 3,484 in 2012, said officials.

An increasing number of gamblers are also voluntarily limiting their days of casino access in a given month, increasing from 25 in 2012 to 3,646 last year.

Currently, players are banned if they enter a casino more than 14 days a month for two consecutive months.

“Despite the criticism that our preventive measures are superficial, the numbers show that they are effective,” said an official from the Kangwon Land Addiction Care Center, quoted by Korea BizWire.

“We’ve also had more individuals seek professional help, determined to put an end to their gambling habits,” the official added.