Japan plans casino body for Olympics

    Japan plans to set up a body to examine how to develop integrated resorts in time for the Olympics in 2020, news agency Kyodo reported Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga as saying.
    The body will include officials from various government agencies.
    Japan aims to boost the economy by opening such facilities ahead of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
    “It will not take that much time” until the preparatory unit is formed, Suga said. “We will need to identify issues to deal with (the casino project) by looking into cases and legal systems in other countries,” the report said.
    A bill to set the framework to legalize casinos in Japan was not passed in the parliament session ending June 22, raising concern that the delays will mean the timetable is too tight for Japan to open its first casino in time for the Olympics. The government had hoped to capitalize on the influx of visitors coming for the games to showcase new resorts and promote Japan as a tourism destination.