Inteplay unveils Candy Club

Inteplay has revealed the latest addition to their collection of video slot games, Candy Club. The slot game features a fairytale candy theme with a mission-based game consisting of three levels.

One a certain amount of winnings is accumulated, players are able to proceed to the next level. In each level, the game randomly generates a number of hammers and candies. These symbols are cleared based on the game’s preset combinations, with different combinations having different odds.

The main attraction however, is the bonus Eat Candy stage. After the player clears all 3 levels, Eat Candy stage is unlocked. During the bonus stage, the player receives a base credit of 1000 and final payout of the round is 30 percent of everything won in this bonus round plus 1000 credits. Should the player’s winnings in this round fall under 1000, the player still receives 1000 credit.

Finally, the Jackpot. Every bet made contributes to the Jackpot, it is won once the winning combination appears.