Indian Poker wars heat up

A battle over the ownership of the Spartan Poker brand in India has moved ahead with Spartan Poker filing a civil suit in the Calcutta High Court against rival Spartan Online Pvt.

Spartan Poker is led by Rajat Agarwal of PokerGuru, while Spartan online is backed by the Indian Poker Championship.

In an interim ruling on Feb. 27, Justice Soumen Sen granted interim relief to Agarwal against efforts to remove him from the company’s board, local media reports.

Agarwal declined to give any comments on the issue or details regarding the reliefs sought by him. However it is understood that Agarwal has asked for compensation from Spartan Online Pvt. Ltd. and others as well as directive to stop ‘The Spartan Online’ operations, it said.

GLaws earlier reported that it’s unclear who owns the trademark to the brand. While public search on the government of India trademark registry indicates that both Rajat Agarwal (Pokerguru) and Quadrific Media (IPC) have applied for trademark of ‘Spartan Poker’ under Classes 41 (entertainment and gaming category) and other classes, neither parties had been approved for the registration of the trademark.