In-play ban will send punters to unregulated bookies: Unibet

Australian punters will increasingly source unregulated bookies if in-play products continue to be banned, warns Unibet’s chief Henrik Tjarnstrom.

“The demand is still there and if the regulated operators can’t offer it and there is no strong enforcement against the unregulated operators, the alternative is always one click away and the customers will find it,” he said in an interview with The Australian.

The federal government will soon officially ban online in-play products including “click-to-call” once it introduces the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill.

Unibet’s Australian general manager Peter Staunton said the click-to-call product was one of the company’s fastest growing products.

“You could not stop customers doing what they wanted,” said Tjarnstrom.

“If customers want to do it on their mobile, they will find a way to do it,” he said.

He added that if there were more opportunities with live betting, that would give Unibet more incentive to put more devel­opment resources into the Aus­tralian market.