Illegal Penang operators forced into the jungle

A massive police crackdown on illegal gambling in Penang has pushed illegal gambling operators into the outskirts of town, and online, according to Penang police chief Commissioner Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye.

The police operation, codenamed “Ops Dadu” has seen a total of 215 raids conducted since January this year, leading to the arrest of 268 traders and 384 gamblers.

A total of 448 simulator machines, 633 slot machines, 119 computers, 19 tablet computers, four mobile phones and RM81,000 (US$18,900) have been seized during the raids.

Chuah said the crackdown has forced illegal operators to find more innovative means to reach their audience.

“They went to the extent of giving out tablets at food courts, open spaces and even in the jungles,” said Chuah.