Illegal gambling operators to be detained two years without trial

Illegal gambling operators in Malaysia may find themselves locked away for up to two years without trial, under a new proposal from Malaysian authorities.

“We intend to put them out of business for good,” said federal police Criminal Investigations Department assistant director SAC Datuk Roslee Chik, after concerns of how some illegal gambling operators were springing back into action not long after a police raid.

Under the current Prevention of Crime Act, criminals can be held up to 60 days without trial, but this has proven ineffective since the nationwide crackdown on illegal online gambling operations started earlier this year.

According to a source, quoted by TheSunDaily, illegal 4D runners who have been taken to court have had their immediate “bosses” quickly settle the fines imposed, which averages around RM900 (US$225).

“They seem to get bolder by the day and are fearless of the law,” he noted.

The increased detention period is a first step in intensifying efforts against illegal online gambling syndicates.

“From now on, police will detain all illegal bookies with previous records under Poca so that we can put them out of business for good,” said Datuk Roslee Chik, who is also head of the anti-vice, gambling and secret societies division (D7).

“Through this action, the criminals will automatically fall under our (police) radar and there will be no escape after this,” he said.